AAP Book Series

With more than 30 volumes, this essential series from Annals of Anthropological Practice (formerly NAPA Bulletin) features thought-provoking research on current topics related to public health, social justice, the media, environmental management and a myriad of other timely issues.

Annals are available through a subscription to Annals of Anthropological Practice or by purchasing individual titles. Please click on the links below for information about ordering books from www.wiley.com:

Volume 37.2
Anthropology Goes Public in the VA
By Karen Besterman-Dahan and Alison Hamilton

Volume 37.1
Anthropology and the Engaged University: New Vision for the Discipline within Higher Education
Edited by Linda A. Bennett, Linda M. Whiteford, Satish Kedia, and David Himmelgreen

Volume 34
Anthropological Insights on Effective Community-Based Coalition Practice
Edited by David Himmelgreen

Volume 33
HIV/AIDS and Food Insecurity in sub-Saharan Africa
by Satish Kedia

Volume 32
The Global Food Crisis: New Insights into an Age-old Problem
Edited by David Himmelgreen, Satish Kedia

Volume 31
Invisible Anthropologists: Engaged Anthropology in Immigrant Communities
Edited by Alayne Unterberger

Volume 30
Mobile Work, Mobile Lives: Cultural Accounts of Lived Experiences
Edited by Tracy L. Meerwarth, Julia C. Gluesing, and Brigitte Jordan

Volume 29
Careers in 21st Century Applied Anthropology: Perspectives from Academics and Practitioners
Edited by Carla Guerron-Montero (Volume Editor)

Volume 28
Anthropology and Fisheries Management in the United States: Methodology for Research
Edited by Palma Ingles, Jennifer Sepez

Volume 27
Applied Research and Practice from the Next Generation: The Napa Student Achievement Award-Winning Papers, 2001-05
Edited by Tim Wallace, Edward Liebow, Satish Kedia, and Alayne Unterberger

Volume 26
Making History at the Frontier: Women Creating Careers as Practicing Anthropologists
Edited by Christina Wasson, James M. Tim Wallace

Volume 25
The Globalization of Anthropology
Edited by Carole E. Hill and Marietta L. Baba

Volume 23
Tourism and Applied Anthropologists
Edited by James M. Tim Wallace

Volume 22
Passages: The Ethnographic Field School and First Fieldwork
Edited by Madelyn Iris

Volume 21
Caring for Those in Crisis
Edited by Holly Ann Williams

Volume 20
Careers in Anthropology: Profiles of Practitioner Anthropologists
Edited by Paula L. W. Sabloff

Volume 18
The Unity of Theory and Practice in Anthropology: Rebuilding A Fractured Synthesis
Edited by Carole E. Hill and Marietta L. Baba

Volume 17
Practicing Anthropology in a Postmodern World: Lessons And Insights From Federal Contract Research
Edited by Michael C. Reed

Volume 16
Insider Anthropology
Edited by E. L. Cerroni-Long

Volume 15
Global Ecosystems: Creating Options Through Anthropological Perspectives
Edited by Pamela J. Puntenney

Volume 14
Practicing Anthropology in Corporate America: Consulting On Organizational Culture
Edited by Ann T. Jordan

Volume 13
Race, Ethnicity and Applied Bioanthropology
Edited by Claire C. Gordon

Volume 12
Electronic Technologies and Instruction: Tools, Users and Power
Edited by Frank A. Dubinskas and James H. McDonald

Volume 11
Double Vision: Anthropologists at Law
Edited by Randy Frances Kandel

Volume 9
Anthropology and Management Consulting: Forging a New Alliance
Edited by Maureen J. Giovannini and Lynne M. H. Rosansky

Volume 8
Negotiating Ethnicity: The Impact of Anthropological Theory and Practice
Edited by Susan Emley Keefe

Volume 7
Applied Anthropologist and Public Servant: The Life and Work of Philleo Nash
Edited by Ruth H. Landman and Katherine Spencer Halpern

Volume 6
Bridges for Changing Times: Local Practitioner Organizations in American Anthropology
Edited by Linda A. Bennett

Volume 5
Mainstreaming Anthropology: Experiences in Government Employment
Edited by Karen J. Hanson, John J. Conway, Jack Alexander, and H. Max Drake

Volume 2
Business and Industrial Anthropology: An Overview
Edited by Marietta L. Baba

Volume 1
Directory of Practicing Anthropologists
Edited by H. Max Drake, Roger D. Karlish, and Ann M. Drake

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