Editorial Board

Christopher Pool, University of Kentucky

Members of the Board of the Archeology Division

Katherine A. Spielmann, Arizona State University

Patricia McAnany, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Jane Eva Baxter, DePaul University

Randolph J. Widmer, University of Houston

Publications Director
Lynne Gail Goldstein, Michigan State University

Program Editor for Archaeology
Severin Fowles, Barnard College

Nominations Committee Chair
Jason Yaeger, University of Texas at San Antonio

Nominations Committee Chair-Elect
Christopher Rodning, Tulane University

Members at-Large
Anna Agbe-Davies, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Kurt Dongoske, Zuni Cultural Resource Enterprise

Student Member at-Large
Lindsay M. Montgomery, Stanford University

AP3A is edited by Lynne Goldstein.  Individual volumes are organized around a specific topic and edited by a volume editor.