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Economic Anthropology provides timely information and resources for members of the Society for Economic Anthropology.
Economic Anthropology is published by the Society for Economic Anthropology (SEA) to make available research that is innovative and interdisciplinary and focused on economic and social life to serve scholars, practitioners, and general audiences. Contributors to the journal represent a wide range of disciplines including sociocultural anthropology, archaeology, sociology, linguistics, demography, economics, ecology, geography, and history. Economic Anthropology now publishes twice per year. One issue is theme-based on a broad topic of current debate and significance pegged to the SEA’s annual spring conference. The second issue is Open Submission representing a wide variety of research engaged with economy and society.

More about EA’s open submission issue and the Call for Papers:

The benefits of submitting to EA are plenty—our WB journal is part of the AAA consortium of scholarly journals indexed in AnthroSource. That makes the online content easy to find, easy to search, and accessible to lots and lots of people. In addition, we have created a very rapid turnaround timeframe of one year, from submission to publication. That’s pretty unusual and it means you can get your time-sensitive work out faster, and get credit for your publication sooner than with most scholarly journals.



If you are interested in pursuing the possibility of getting your work published in Economic Anthropology, please follow these guidelines:

  1. The article must draw on original and clearly presented research.
  2. The article must present clear contributions to existing scholarship.
  3. The article needs to concern the interaction of economic and social life.
  4. The writing must be very clear and very organized. Keep jargon to a minimum, or where possible, explain complex terms with ordinary language. Significant readability problems will disqualify an article before it goes to peer review.
  5. Articles may not exceed 8000 words including abstract, notes, references, captions. Two graphics are permitted in the online typeset version. Additional text and graphics are welcome as Supplementary Material, accessible from the article.


If you have questions, please feel free to email Brandon D. Lundy, Editor, at We look forward to your submissions.

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“The Symposium” portion of the new Open Submission issue features short essays by prominent anthropologists speaking to a common question. This issue, the question is:

"How can economic anthropology make sense of and engage with rising global populism?"

Jonathan Friedman

Paul Stoller

Ruth Gomberg-Muñoz

Peter Hervik

Karen Ho

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