Instructions for Institutional Administrators and Librarians

The new AnthroSource 2.0 website has launched and is now available here.

We will continue to keep the current site live until September 9th 2015, at which time we will redirect institutions and their users who visit to the new site. In order to ensure uninterrupted access for institutional users, we ask that Admins update any links or EZproxy settings they are responsible for on their institutional websites before we make the switch on the 19th.

Instructions for making these updates are below.

If you have any questions, please contact Wiley Customer Care at 

1. Update your EZproxy settings

If your EZproxy settings are managed externally as a hosted solution (run by OCLC), you don't need to take any action, the proxy service will take care of it.

If your institution manages its own EZproxy server, please arrange for the following stanza to be added to your EZproxy configuration file (config.txt)

T AnthroSource 2.0

Please do not delete your existing AnthroSource stanza as you will need both in your configuration file.
Your current AnthroSource stanza should look like this:

T AnthroSource

2. Update your links to the AnthroSource homepage and/or journal pages.

Many institutions who subscribe to AnthroSource have two links for their users. One set takes you to the journal homepages on Wiley Online Library, like this example:

These are still valid and should not be changed.

You may also have links to journal pages on the AnthroSource website like this one:

These should be updated, per the PDF link below.

New AnthroSource URLs

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